Our 5 Top Places to Celebrate New Years Eve 2014

Bye, bye 2014 – the year is nearly over and for the ones that don’t know where to celebrate this New Years Eve –we came up with several exciting options all over the world! Many cities offer fabulous fireworks, crazy party where you can dance the night or just piece and quiet if you wish to celebrate in tranquility. 

Avoid tourist hordes and see the New Year 2015 without any bruises in the following 5 top destinations and one special secret tip:  

1. At the end of the year in the Eternal City


Rome has got a lot to offer. If you are only here for a weekend it is still obligatory to see as much as you can in the Italian capital. Where modernity meets antique, New Years celebrations are being held all over town. Especially at the Piazza di Popolo, the famous Spanish stairs and the chic shopping street Via Veneto are very popular for the end of the year festivities.  If you don’t feel like being stuck in a huge crowd and dance the night away, head over to the Pincio Hill where you can enjoy the best view of the city.


2. On to the Persian Gulf


A bit more of an exotic New Years destination is the Emirate Dubai.  Moderate temperatures and the sea will definitely make the celebrations feel very differently and instead of freezing in the cold, you could be sitting in an hammock on the beach! However, party animals will rather be disappointed: The streets will remain quiet and it is not permitted to drink or party while outside. Regarding fireworks, the Emirate is just the ticket as in 2014 the cities fireworks went on for 6 minutes and blew up to half a million firecrackers in the air. For 2015, the spectacle which takes place at the Burj Khalifa will be yet another highlight. 

3. Celebrating in between continents


A special New Years adventure will await you in Istanbul. Th Bosphorus Bridge which connects Asia with Europe will be illuminated by firework troughout the whole night. Go to the Asian part of the bridge and enjoy the festivities! The Galata Tower always holds a very spectacular gala during the day of New Years from which platform you will have an amazing view on the city and the fireworks as well. Up for a real Turkish party? Celebrate with thousands of citizens on the Taksim Square.  A huge advantage in Istanbul: The city consists of many hills so that you can see the fireworks from almost anywhere. A tour on a yacht can also be the perfect place for New Years celebrations. 


4. London Calling


The British capital has got much to offer over the days of festivities too! In the past couple of years London became one of the most popular places to celebrate, worldwide. With almost half a million visitors, the fireworks can be best seen near Big Ben or the London Eye. This year however, it will cost 10 Pounds per person for the first time, due to the immense costs throughout the past years. If you don’t feel the need to see the firework live, you can watch it on huge video screen at Trafalgar Square. For the ones who want to avoid the crowds, pick a cruise on the river while dining and watching the fireworkf from the water! 

5. Firework in Down Under


Sydney is the place to be when it comes to New Years festivities. Worldwide famous for the cities fireworks at the Harbor Bridge, you can enjpy the spectacle for over 12 minutes. Tickets to the best parties, events and reservations for restaurants are already fully booked months before so make sure to reserve your tickets early! You can’t drink alcohol in public but while waiting for the fireworks to start you may bring your own snacks. If you feel adventurous on the next day, climb the Harbor Bridge on a guided tour. 

Insider Tip:


For all New Years grouches and haters, listen up: We have just the right destination for you. Asia! In Shanghai, you will not be bothered by loud firecrackers – the city will quietly start into its celebrations by flying over a million of Chinese lanterns up into the sky which illuminates the night in a warm light and makes the moment just very special and unique.  Hop on-board a cruise ship and spend New Years on the water while enjoying authentic Asian cuisine. Ganbei! In Japan, New Years is seen as a religious day and will be spent with the family in a very traditional way. At midnight, the first visit to the temple is due while the bells will jingle 108 times. Visit the extraordinary temples at your own pace and get to know the Japanese culture here.