Love is the air – The best views on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is coming up again! And whether you are single or taken, I bet you didn’t know that this days also marks another very important event in the calendar – a sightseeing attraction which is very popular in many cities worldwide, the Ferris wheel!

Actually, this date is the birthday of the big wheel inventor, George Washington Gale Ferris Junior who built the first Ferris wheel in 1893. We came up with the 4 most beautiful wheel that can be visited and who knows – love is in the air – and you may find your valentine right there! If you are already in love why not invite your Valentine to admire the breathtaking view from above, we think this could be a very original Valentines date…

1. The Classic – The Feeris Wheel in Vienna at the Prater


When visiting Vienna, taking a ride on one of Austria’s most famous landmarks is simply a must.  With a hight of over 65 meter, you can enjoy amazing views up to the Wienerwald!  Special tip: Book a romantic dinner on top of the wheel on Valentines Day to impress your love! 


2. The highest wheel in the world – Singapore


In Singapore, visitors can admire the highest wheel in the world which reaches up to 140 meters hight. Set in the shopping mall Marina Center, nearby Marina Bay, you can see amazing sights from the skyline of Singapore and the extraordinary luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its 3 buildings which are connected over a ship-like roof.


3. The eye of the British capital – London Eye

With only 5 meters lower than the Ferris Wheel, you can visit the famous London Eye which shoots out above the Thames.  Whether by day or night, the view from it is definitely unique and worth a visit.  In the price of 26 Euro you are also granted access to the so-called 4D-experience which shows you  the British capital as close as it gets by claiming all your senses. The ride in the London Eye will approximately last 40 minutes, enough time to propose, right?  


4. Once upon a time in Africa – the famous wheel in Cape town

Many thousand miles away, Cape Town presents another world-known wheel which is worth a visit! Situated directly at the waterfront, there many things to do apart taking a ride on the wheel. With the Cape Town City Card you are not only being granted access to the wheel but it is also possible to visit many other attractions for free: e.g. the Two Orcans Aquarium, a hop-on hop-off bus.