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Top 10 of The World’s Most Visited Countries

The World Tourism Organization recently published their 2014 edition of ‘Tourism in the World’, with a report stating the most popular tourism destinations, regarding the number of visitors per year.

Although France wins as the world’s most visited country, we were quite surprised that Spain made it to number 3 and Russia is even in the top 10! While the UK is only landing on the 8th rank, Turkey surprisingly made it to the 6th place of the most visited countries.

Check out the top 10 of the world’s most visited countries and all the fun things to do over there, while you’re on a holiday!

1. France

84.7 million visitors


2. The United States

69.8 million visitors


3. Spain

60.7 million visitors

Park-Guell-in-Barcelona-Spain4.  China

55.7 million visitors


5. Italy

47.7 million visitors


6. Turkey

37.8 million visitors


7. Germany

31.5 million visitors


8. United Kingdom

31.2 million visitors


9. Russia

28.4 million visitors


10.  Thailand

26.5 million visitors


A new market opportunity in China

It seems that nowadays everybody is talking about the opportunity of online travel in China, and perhaps with good reason as according to a recent research by Phocuswright, “online [travel] distribution growth continues at an impressive rate of 19% in 2009, in spite of the overall downturn in travel”.

However, the solemn fact remains that few foreign travel outfits have actually been successful in China, especially online. Just ask Expedia about how its China acquisition eLong is doing… Continue Reading

Learnings from the Chinese travel market (so far)

We’re still a long way from having a clear picture of what’s actually going on in the Chinese travel market, but here’s what we have learned so far.

The Chinese travel market is huge. Domestic travel takes the lion’s share of the market with over 1 billion travelers per year although inbound travel with 50 million travelers in 2006 (WTO) and outbound travel with 41 million travelers in 2007 (ChinaContact Outbound Travel Handbook) are no slouch either. Continue Reading